There are very few men who on their death-bed say: “I wish I had worked more instead of spending so much time with my kids”.

Now, if we all know that we will regret not being better fathers to our kids when they where young, then why don’t we change our behavior and spend more time with our children?

When a man summarizes his life would he not much rather have slightly less wealth in exchange for a richer relationship with his kids?

Kids do not want more of your money.

They want more of your time.

More of you.


It’s 2015.

It is not time to focus on what is best for the children, best for the fathers, best for the families – and yes, best for societies?

Man up.

There is nothing more manly than being a father.

And there is nothing more fatherly than being there for your kids.


Deep inside you know that you rather be with them than work so much.

If you do not know that yet, you will when you are lying there on your death-bed.

But then it will not be knowledge, then it will be regret.

Because then it will be too late.

Listen to the hard earned wisdom of generations of fathers:

Spend more time with your children when they are young.

You will not regret it.

And your children will love you for it.

Be a man.

Be a father.


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Fredrik Haren

A blog about the magic of fatherhood and paternity leave. Written by Fredrik Haren, professional speaker and author who is now on semi-paternity leave with his three children.

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