Imagine a child who gets the one gift that he has always wished for – and then forgets to play with it only to find out that his parents gave it away since he did not play with it.

Picture the couple who never used the “fine China” because they saved it for a “Special Occasion” that never came.

Think of all the people who never approached that girl/boy because they were waiting for the perfect timing – only to see that very same person get involved with someone else because they never knew.



Sad, because they all had it there all along but let it slip between their fingers.

Now ask yourself this: What is the biggest gift in life? The biggest gift a human being can receive?

It is arguably the gift of becoming a parent.

No love is greater.

No gift last longer or is more rewarding.

No gift gives so much back.

And yet:

So very often do you hear parents say: “What happened to my little child?”, “How did she grow up so quickly?!”, “Why did I not spend more time with kids when I had the chance?”

The answer is simple: They prioritised something else.

They decided that doing something else was more important than spending time with their children.

Probably not because they thought this other things was more valuable – but because they thought they would have plenty of time to play with their kids later.

The sad truth is that we don’t.

Before you know it the kids will be out of the house, living their own lives, and you will be sitting in that very same (now quiet) house asking yourself “What just happened?”

They say time flies.

Well, so does parenthood.

Take full advantage of every day, minute and second of parenting that you can get your hands on and you will leave this life feeling that you lived a life worth living.

Take the approach of thinking you will take the time off “later” and there will always be that risk that you don’t.

That would be sad.

So go for the alternative to sad: Be a dad. Now.


Fredrik Haren

A blog about the magic of fatherhood and paternity leave. Written by Fredrik Haren, professional speaker and author who is now on semi-paternity leave with his three children.

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