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Why is a video of a man in a beard playing classical music going viral?

Well, because of his love for his child.

Watch this video and pay attention to the look on the dad’s face as the child falls asleep.

The lovingly smile.

Then after watching the video skip over to YouTube and read the comments that people are leaving.

They can basically be summed up in three categories:

  1. I love that song
  2. I wish I had a dad like you.
  3. You are an awesome dad (Can I marry you?)

And all he does is put his baby to sleep.

I guess a cynic would say that that shows where the bar has been set for being a good father: “Put your child to sleep and you are a great dad.”

But I hope it means more than that. I hope it shows that people really love to see a father love his child.

The comments around “I wish my dad had done this to me/smiled like that to me/cared like this for me” are sad in a way. But they also show why it is so important for fathers to play an active role in parenting. Fathers not being there puts scars into many people growing up.

And it’s such an easy thing to fix.

Just spend more time with your kids.

The comments around “you are an awesome dad (Can I marry you?)” are the ones who really inspire me. The fact that there are so many of those comments. The fact that the video is going viral (+600 000 views when I write this). The fact that it has so many more positive comments than negative (6335 vs 35) (who puts a negative comment on a video like this?). All of this, to me, shows that people are starting to appreciate when a man takes responsibility for being there for his child.

I guess I am saying: “Here is a video of a man putting a baby to sleep where the message is: it’s time for fathers to wake up.”




Fredrik Haren

A blog about the magic of fatherhood and paternity leave. Written by Fredrik Haren, professional speaker and author who is now on semi-paternity leave with his three children.

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